Faculty Publications since 2015

Prof. Lisa H. Cooper (English)

“Agronomy and Affect in Duke Humfrey’s On Husbondrie.” Speculum 95/1 (January 2020): 36–88.

‘“Nothing Was Funny in the Late Middle Ages: The ‘Tale of Ryght Nought’ and British Library MS Egerton 1995,” The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 47.2 (2017): 221–53.

Prof. Thomas E. A. Dale (Art History)

Pygmalion’s Power: Romanesque Sculpture, the Senses, and Religious Experience. Pennsylvania: Penn State University Press, 2019.

Prof. Martin Foys (English)

Martin Foys, Heather Wacha, Laura Lee Brott. Virtual Mappa 2.0: Digital Editions of Early Medieval Maps of the World. London: British Library / Pennsylvania: Schoenberg Institute of Manuscript Studies, 2020.

Four Anglo-Carolingian Minitexts, ed. Martin Foys. Pennsylvania: Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies, 2020.

Amalarius’s Bells: An Old English & Medieval Latin Edition ed. Martin Foys. Pennsylvania: Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies, 2020.

Prof. Pablo F. Gómez (History)

The Experiential Caribbean: Creating Knowledge and Healing in the Early Modern Atlantic. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2018.

Prof. Elizabeth Lapina (History)

Games and Visual Culture in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, co-edited with Vanina Kopp.  Turnhout: Brepols, 2020.

The Uses of the Bible in Crusader Sources, co-edited with Nicholas Morton. Brill, 2017.

Warfare and the Miraculous in the Chronicles of the First Crusade. Penn State University Press, 2015; paperback, 2017.

The Crusades and Visual Culture, co-edited with April Morris, Susanna Throop and Laura Whatley. Ashgate: Routledge, 2015; paperback, 2018.

Prof. Leonora Neville (History)

Byzantine Gender. York: ARC Humanities Press (2019).

Guide to Byzantine Historical Writing. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2018).

Anna Komnene: The Life and Work of a Medieval Historian. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2016).

Prof. Jelena Todorović (French and Italian)

Dante and the Dynamics of Textual Exchange: Authorship, Manuscript Culture, and the Making of the ‘Vita Nova’New York, NY: Fordham University Press (2016).

Prof. Jennifer Pruitt (Art History)

Building the Caliphate: Construction, Destruction, and Sectarian Identity in Early Fatimid Architecture. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2020.

Prof. Richard Keyser (History and Legal Studies)

Richard Keyser and Abigail P. Dowling, Conservation’s Roots: Managing for Sustainability in Preindustrial Europe, 1100-1800. New York: Berghahn Books, 2020.

Prof. Samuel England (African Cultural Studies)

Prof. Kirsten Wolf (Art History)

The Priest’s Eye: AM 672 4to in The Arnamagnaean Collection, Copenhagen. Manuscripta Nordica: Early Nordic Manuscripts in Digital Facsimile 4. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press. [Forthcoming]

With Dario Bullitta, ed. Three Humanist Compendia in Danish and Icelandic Translation. Bibliotheca Arnamagnæana. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press. Pp. 479. [Forthcoming.]

With Tristan Mueller-Vollmer. Vikings: An Encyclopedia of Conflict, Invasions, and Raids. Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio, 2022

With Dario Bullitta, ed. Saints and their Legacies in Medieval Iceland. Woodbridge: Boydell & Brewer. Pp. 726. [At press.]

With Carole P. Biggam, general eds. A Cultural History of Color. 6 vols. London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2021 

With Carole P. Biggam, ed. A Cultural History of Color in the Medieval Age. Vol. 2. London: Bloomsbury Publishing 2021 

With Carole P. Biggam, ed. A Cultural History of Color in the Age of Enlightenment. Vol. 4. London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2021  

With Marianne Kalinke, ed. An Icelandic Literary Florilegium: A Festschrift in Honor of Úlfar Bragason. Islandica LXII. Ithaca: Cornell University Library, 2021

Emeriti Faculty Publications

Prof. Keith Busby

Fellow of the Medieval Academy of America, Douglas Kelly Professor of Medieval French Emeritus

The French Works of Jofroi de Waterford. Textes Vernaculaires du Moyen Âge, 25. Turnhout: Brepols, 2020.

Prof. Douglas Kelly

French Department

Machaut and the Medieval Apprenticeship Tradition: Truth, Fiction and Poetic Craft. Gallica 35. Cambridge: Brewer, 2014.

The ‘Roman de Troie’ by Benoît de Sainte-Maure. Trans. Glyn S. Burgess and Douglas Kelly. Gallica, 41 Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 2017; paperback edition, 2020.

Prof. Christopher Kleinhenz

Carol Mason Kirk Professor Emeritus of Italian

Approaches to Teaching of Dante’s Divine Comedy, edited by Kristina Olson and Chrisopher Kleinherz. Approaches to Teaching World Literature, 163. Second Edition. New York: Modern Language Association of America, 2020.

The Decameron: A Critical Lexicon (Lessico critico decameroniano), edited by Pier Massimo Forni, Renzo Bragantini and Chrisopher KleinherzTempe, Arizona: Arizona Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, 2019. 

Dante intertestuale e interdisciplinare: saggi sulla «Commedia», vol. 2 in the series, “Dante nel mondo,” directed by Antonio Lanza. Rome: Aracne Editrice, 2015. Pp. 492.

John D. Niles

Department of English, Frederic G. Cassidy Professor of Humanities (Emeritus)

The Idea of Anglo-Saxon England 1066-1901: Remembering, Forgetting, Deciphering, and Renewing the Past. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2015.

Old English Literature: A Guide to Criticism with Selected Readings. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2016.

Anglo-Saxon England and the Visual Imagination. Co-edited with Stacy Klein and Jonathan Wilcox. Arizona: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2016.

God’s Exiles and English Verse: On the Exeter Anthology of Old English Poetry. Exeter: University of Exeter Press, 2019.