Doctoral Minor in Medieval Studies

The doctoral minor in Medieval Studies is open to graduate students seeking to study the Middle Ages in a way that complements and deepens their study of the period. The minor allows students to gather broadly interdisciplinary coursework done outside their home department or program into a meaningful credential that appears on their transcript.

The minor must consist of at least 9 credits of graduate-level work. Only courses numbered above 700 or that carry the “Graduate Level Indicator” may be used to meet program requirements. To ensure interdisciplinary study, courses must be selected from at least two different subject listings. To ensure breadth of study beyond a student’s focused doctoral research, courses must be selected from subject listings offered outside the student’s home department or program.

Students who wish to pursue the minor must reach agreement on an appropriate plan of study with a Medieval Studies program faculty member, who serves as the minor advisor. This agreement must be approved by the program director and the Graduate Program Coordinator of the History Department.

For further information see the Guide. To declare the minor, please contact the program director.