Madison’s Medieval Treasures


The Chazen Museum has a sizable collection of medieval coins donated by Mr. and Mrs. Ellis E. Jensen. In the photo: Selenay Aydin (History), Ethan Cramer (History), and Tirumular (Drew) Narayanan (Art History), graduate students in Prof. Lapina’s History 805, examining medieval coins at the Chazen Museum with Chief Curator Katherine D. Alcauskas. © Tiffany Van Winkoop.


A Book of Hours, made in Flanders (probably in Bruges by the so-called Masters of the Gold Scrolls) in the mid-15th century and intended for the English market. Contains twenty miniatures. Recent purchase from Phillip J. Pirages Fine Books and Manuscripts. The Memorial Library Special Collections. Image: St. George and the Dragon. © Lisa Cooper.


Angel for Meditation

A sixteen-page manuscript containing Militia religiosorum, De horis canonicis and De sex alis cherubim. Germany (?). 1466 (?). A sketch of a six-winged cherub. The Memorial Library Special Collections. Ms 168.


For Indian mounds on UW campus see . The majority of “effigy mounds” were built during the Late Woodland Period (350-1300 CE).