These courses all count towards the Certificate in Medieval Studies or the PhD minor. Departmental offerings are marked as “Category A” (History, History of Science, Philosophy, and Political Science) or “Category B” (Languages, Literature, Visual Arts, and Music). Courses that have a significant medieval content but do not appear below (or courses taken at another university or on a study-abroad program) may be substituted for these courses where appropriate; consult the Director with any queries.

To find out what is being offered in a given semester, please consult the Schedule of Classes website maintained by the Office of the Registrar.

Graduate offerings are usually taught in a “Topics” or “Seminar” slot and these subjects will vary from semester to semester so it is best to consult individual departments for recent classes.

Art History (all courses Category B)
201: Ancient and Medieval Art
310: Early Christian and Byzantine Art
311: Medieval Art
318: Romanesque and Gothic Art and Architecture
320: Italian Renaissance Art
321: Italian Art: 1250-1400
322: Italian Art from Donatello to Leonardo da Vinci: 1400-1500
330: The Painting and Graphic Arts of Germany, 1350-1530
331: Netherlandish Painting of the 15th Century
415: Topics in Medieval Art
515: Proseminar in Medieval Art
525: Proseminar in Italian Renaissance Art
535: Proseminar in Northern European Painting
600: Special Topics in Art History (when topic is medieval)
815: Seminar: Medieval Art
825: Seminar: Italian Renaissance Art
835: Seminar: Northern European Art

Comparative Literature (all courses Category B)
377: Literary Periods (when topic is medieval)

English (all courses Category B)
320: Old English
321: Middle English
359: Beowulf
360: The Anglo-Saxons
361: A Study of an Outstanding Figure in Medieval English Literature
361: Chaucer’s Courtly Poetry
362: A Study of a Theme In Medieval English Literature
365: Early Medieval Literature (1066-1350)
367: Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
369: Contemporaries and Immediate Successors of Chaucer
751: Chaucer and the Courtly Tradition
752: Late Medieval Religious Literature
753: Medieval Literature (topics vary)
950: Seminar: Topics in Medieval Literature

Folklore (all courses Category B)
474: Celtic-Scandinavian Cultural Interrelations

French (all courses Category B)
430: Readings in Medieval and Renaissance Literature (topics course)
701: Introduction à l’ancien français
703: La littérature française du XIVe et du XVe siècle
705: La littérature française des débuts jusqu’à la fin du XIIIe siècle
709: Medieval Manuscripts and Textual Criticism [also Italian]
939: La Littérature médiévale

German (all courses Category B)
611: Survey of German Literature to 1750
650: History of the German Language
651: Introduction to Middle High German
652: Readings in Middle High German
701: Literature of the Middle Ages (750-1400)
755: Old Germanic Languages
768: Comparative and Historical Grammar of the Old Germanic Languages

History (all courses Category A)
115: Medieval Europe 410-1500 (unless used to satisfy requirement #1 above)
200: Historical Studies (when topic is medieval)
205: The Making of the Islamic World: The Middle East, 500-1500
309: The Crusades: Christianity and Islam
311: Schools and Learning in the Medieval World
312: The Medieval Church
313: Introduction to Byzantine History and Civilization
314: Problems in Byzantine History and Civilization
316: Latin Paleography
317: Medieval Social and Intellectual History, 400-1200
318: Medieval Social and Intellectual History, 1200-1450
321: Economic Life in Medieval Europe
325: History of Medieval France
333: The Renaissance
366: Medieval Monasticism
413: Early Medieval Europe, 300-1000
417: History of Russia
426: The History of Punishment
431: History of Scandinavia to 1815
439: Islamic History from the Origin of Islam to the Ottoman Empire
459: The Rule of Law: History and Theory
539: The Middle East and the Balkans during the Ottoman Era, 1200-1600
600: Advanced Seminar in History (when topic is medieval)
719: Proseminar: Medieval History
720: Selected Topics in Medieval History
805: Seminar–Medieval History

History of Science (all courses Category A)
201: Origins of Scientific Thought (unless used to satisfy requirement #1 above) [also ILS]
322: Ancient and Medieval Science
401: History of Pharmacy
507: Health, Disease, and Healing I
562: Byzantine Medicine and Pharmacy
622: Studies in Ancient and Medieval Science
903: Seminar: Medieval, Renaissance and 17th-Century Science

Integrated Liberal Studies
201: Western Culture: Science, Technology, Philosophy I (unless used to satisfy requirement #1 above) [also Hist Sci, with a different title] (A)
203: Western Culture: Literature and the Arts I (B)
205: Western Culture: Political, Economic, and Social Thought I (A)
271: Pre-Copernican Astronomy and Cosmology in Cross-cultural Perspective (A)

Italian (all courses Category B)
321: Introduction to Italian Literature I (Beginnings through the Renaissance)
659-660: Dante’s Divina Commedia
661-662: Il Trecento
671: Il Duecento
709: Medieval Manuscripts and Textual Criticism [also French]
771: History of the Italian Language

Jewish Studies
371: Topics in Jewish Civilization (when topic is medieval) (either Category A or Category B depending on the focus that semester)
377-378: Jewish Cultural History (A)
473: Jewish Civilization in Medieval Spain (A)
490: Topics in Jewish Studies (when topic is medieval) (either Category A or Category B depending on the focus that semester)

Latin (all courses Category B)
563: Mediaeval Latin

Literature in Translation (all courses Category B)
235: The World of the Sagas
253: Dante’s Divine Comedy
255: Boccaccio’s Decameron
256: Images of the Individual in the Italian Renaissance
271: Masterpieces of Scandinavian Literature, Middle Ages-1900
342: Mythology of Scandinavia
345: The Scandinavian Tale and Ballad
346: The Icelandic Sagas
347: Kalevala and Finnish Folk-Lore

Medieval Studies
185: Introduction to Medieval Studies for Honors (either Category A or Category B depending on the focus that semester)
215: Life in the Middle Ages: An Interdisciplinary Course (unless used to satisfy requirement #1 above) (A)
351: Arthurian Legend and Literature (B)
368: The Bible in the Middle Ages [also Hebrew, History, Jewish St, Religious St] (B)
550: Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies in Medieval Civilization(either Category A or Category B depending on the focus that semester)
551: Advanced Studies in Medieval Literature   (B)
553: Advanced Topics in Medieval Civilization(either Category A or Category B depending on the focus that semester)
685: Honors Seminar in Medieval Studies (either Category A or Category B depending on the focus that semester)

Music (all courses Category B)
411: Survey of Music in the Middle Ages
412: Survey of Music in the Renaissance
923: Seminar in Notation

Philosophy (all courses Category A)
435: Jewish Philosophy from Antiquity to the 17th Century

Political Science (all courses Category A)
501: The Development of Ancient and Medieval Western Political Thought

Scandinavian Studies (all courses Category B)
373: Masterpieces of Scandinavian Literature: Middle Ages to 1900
407-408: Old Norse
409: Survey of Old Norse-Icelandic Literature
430: The Vikings
433: The Scandinavian Tale and Ballad
435: The Icelandic Sagas
444: Kalevala and Finnish Folk-Lore
474: Celtic-Scandinavian Cultural Interrelations

Spanish (all courses Category B)
414: Literatura de la Edad Media Castellana (ss. XII-XV)
503-504: Survey of Medieval Literature
541: Old Spanish
546: History of the Spanish Language
718: Topics in Medieval Spanish Literature
811: Philological Seminar: Old Spanish
841: Seminar: Libro de Buen Amor, Celestina, Corbacho
842: Seminar: Medieval Literature (topics course)

Women’s Studies (all courses Category A)
416: Women in Medieval Society