2016-2017 Events Calendar


November 8, 2017 – January 14, 2018, Kohler Art Library, Conrad Elvehjem Building: Science and Nature, Religion and Wonder in Medieval Books. The current exhibition at the Kohler Art Library features a selection of medieval manuscript facsimiles exploring the many ways scientific notions and religious doctrine intertwined to produce a wondrous world view, circa late antiquity through the early 16th century.

Curated by Prof. Thomas Dale and students in Art History 415: Image and Text in Medieval Manuscripts, the show complements the Center for the Humanities Borghesi-Mellon workshop: Science, Nature, and Wonder in the Middle Ages, a series of events that seeks to “challenge modern understandings of science by investigating new approaches to the medieval conception of scientia—“knowledge”—which included not only sciences such as optics, geometry, medicine, anatomy, but also a wider range of ways of knowing, visualizing, representing and relating to the natural world, including theology and religious practice.”

Participating students include Jessica Cochran, Angli Deng, Benjamin Dickel, Aniello di Iorio, Özlem Eren, Mateusz Ferens, Mya Frieze, Abrahm Guthrie-Potter, Tanya Kolarik, Lucas Pointon, Laura Schmidt, Thomas Schwiegert, and Fernando Vazquez.

Friday, February 9, 2018: "Disabled Touch in the Middle Ages." Public Lecture by Edward Wheatley (Dept. of English, Loyola University, Chicago), Department of Art History, Conrad A. Elvehjem Building, L150, 4:00. Borghesi-Mellon Workshop on Science, Nature, and Wonder in the Middle Ages. This lecture will examine aspects of the science of touch and the judicial, cultural, and religious significance of th edisabling of its synecdochic representatiive, the hand.  Drawing from such works as On the Property of Things and Middle English Fyve Wittes, the lecture will analyze the intersection of science and spirituality, with a special focus on disabling miracles of chastisement in which sinners lose the use of their hands; the most signifcant of these miracles were associated with the Virgin Mary, and were frequently represented in manuscript illuminations, stained glass, and other visual arts. Workshop "The Religious Model of Disability" at 12:00 in Art History Department, Conrad A. Elvehjem Building, Room 150. RSVP for reading to tedale@wisc.edu

Friday, April 20, 2018: "Insular origin legends in comparative study (ASE + Ireland + Wales + Picts)." Public Lecture by Prof. Lindy Brady (Dept. of English, University of Mississippi),  Department of English, Helen C. White Hall, Room 7191: 4:00 p.m.  Sponsored by the Anonymous Fund and the Department of English.  There will also be a workshop for graduate students earlier (11:00AM-12:30 PM, Helen C. White Hall, 7190) on "borders/boundaries" (with focus in Old English but in a broader context).

Friday, April 27, 2018: "Art, Nature, Fabrication." Public Lecture by Prof. Claudia Swan (Dept. of Art History, Northwestern University), Department of Art History, Conrad A. Elvehjem Building, L150, 4:00 p.m.  Borghesi Mellon Workshop on Science, Nature, and Wonder in the Middle Ages.  Co-Sponsored by the Department of Art History, the Center for Visual Cultures and the Department of History. Workshop Discussion for faculty and students on "Image, Imagination, Cognition," 12:00 p.m. to 1::15 p.m., Department of Art History, The Hagen Room, Conrad A. Elvehjem Building, Room 150. RSVP for reading to tedale@wisc.edu.